The leaky truth of swim diapers.


As summer is fast upon us, thoughts of the beach and pool is heavy on my mind. Usually around 2 in the afternoon in the heat of the day, that’s when I tend to daydream about floating in cool water the most. But a thought recently occurred, how do you handle diapering in water?

I knew of swim diapers, that they don’t expand in water, so that’s where my search began. Looking up brands, cost, disposable vs. reusable and so on. As I stood in the aisle, looking over a very small package (about 20-ish diapers), my eye caught on a line of very small print. This line explained that the diaper was designed to hold solid waste only, and allow the liquid waste flow out. There is enough chlorine in pools to kill anything truly icky. At that moment I thought nothing of it, as that made sense to me.

It wasn’t till later that day, after K-Bear had a massive poo, that I realized, breastfed babies poo IS liquid! Holy Crap! Running to Google quickly, checking on all the forums I could, it seemed this was the consensus: Breastfed babies will sometimes have more leakage in water due to most of their waste being liquid. Some had had moderate success with a combination of disposable AND reusable diapers, (and some super weird rubber underwear cover, but that was a U.K forum) but nothing is ever 100% caught.

I was fairly mortified at finding out all of this. How many public pools had I been in where that small child is floating around the ‘adult’ pool. Needless to say, we’ll be swimming in the lake and ocean only for the foreseeable future.


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