The Blue Line


The brand of diapers we use for K-bear have a “wetness indicator” stripe down the front. Numerous times she’s been wet but the indicator takes a few moments to soak in enough to indicate wetness. This has lead to many a Benny Hill-esq back and forth to the changing table.

Me: She’s crying, is she wet?

Hubby: The all knowing diaper says no.

Me: But she’s incessantly crying as if she is, check again.

*.2 seconds later*

Hubby: Wait, now she is wet!?

~  ~  ~

Beyond the back and forth our lovely K-bear likes to try for multiple diapers in the same change by continuing to pee or poo just as we’ve snapped the last snap. Our standing record currently is 5 diapers in one change.

It was during one of these such marathon changes that I realized the juxtaposition of the two blue appearing lines. The one I was looking at, and groaning, and the one Hubby and I had seen almost 9 months before, and were elated by.

Then that thought made me stop and think of the women, some I knew, that had trouble seeing the first line appear and were still only dreaming of the second. Further, how most people just assume all women get want to get pregnant and do so without issue quickly, and well that is just not the case.

If a women tells you of her fertility troubles, feel honored, odds are she trusts you more than you could ever realize. It’s a tender topic for almost everyone, even significant others.

If a woman tells you she’s not interested in children, respect that too. Not everyone wants to be a mother and that doesn’t make her any less of a woman.